All beginners to email marketing sector will get confused with so many tools and suggestions about how to create a marketing campaign. If you have decided to choose and use the realistic and successful method to build an email marketing campaign, then you should find spamming tools shop. You can focus on the following details explaining a hassle-free method to create an email marketing campaign.  

Find your goal 

You have to know what you wish to accomplish in the email marketing. This is because you can enhance your method to create an email marketing campaign and make the campaign to be successful. You may like to drive traffic to your site when you earn from ad impressions on your website. You may wish to drive sales when you sell products in your eCommerce store. Understanding the email marketing goal is the first step to create a good email marketing campaign. 

Individuals with the simple email marketing needs can contact your customer relationship management service providers and get the desired email marketing features. However, they must contact a dedicated email marketing service provider when they need self-sustaining email marketing campaign with suitable email triggers as well as autoresponders. Some of the most popular email marketing platforms in our time are as follows.

  • MailChimp
  • Mailify
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact 
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Campaign Monitor  

Build and segment the email list 

It is the suitable time to build an email list from scratch and make a good decision to create a good email marketing campaign. You can consolidate your contacts by using realistic methods like the existing email list, email account, customer relationship management, contact management system, and eCommerce platform. You have to be conscious about how to build and grow your email list from scratch. There are many suggestions to build a database of contacts. However, some of these suggestions are as follows.

  • Attract every visitor to the website with the compelling content 
  • Provide appropriate and gated assets
  • Make it easy to subscribe 
  • Offer guarantees against spam 
  • Offer promotions for subscribing
  • Use a Facebook call-to-action button
  • Tweet about the remarkable benefits of the email list 
  • Include a subscription link in the email signature 

The best methods to segment the email list are geography, demographics, firmographics, past purchases, amount spent, position in sales funnel, expressed interests, time since last purchase, and email engagement. 

Create a good campaign and build an email     

Creating a campaign is an easy thing in an email marketing platform. You can navigate to a page for campaigns and click the button ‘create campaign’. An easy method to make a campaign and send the email helps a lot for everyone to succeed in email marketing. 

Choosing the template is one of the main things where you can show your creativity. You have to create the header with the sender name, subject line, and preheader. You can use a name associated with the actual sender instead of using your company name. The subject line must be action-oriented, short, and personal.  The preheader is the text which appears under the subject line in the preview of the inbox. 

The next step is to fill the body and complete the footer. In the body part, you have to talk to interests of your email subscribers, do not prefer too text-heavy, include visuals, format the emails for easy readability, keep the design consistent, and include calls-to-action. The footer section includes different things like contact information, social media links, and also unsubscribe option. 

Enable autoresponders 

An autoreponder is an application for automating the process of sending emails. It is used in the email marketing for nurturing leads, building trust, and providing confirmation that the mail was received. You can use this cost-effective method to send associated content to different customers in any stage in the customer journey devoid of taking the energy, time, and brainpower for personally writing each one. 

Enable tracking and send 

Tracking is an important thing to enhance engagement and maximize the email conversions. You can optimize the email campaign as well as marketing assets by tracking and receiving performance analytics. You will decide on what works with which segment and make an informed decision. You can track emails using the unique open rate, click through rate, click to open rate, and other things.